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Audio and Subtitle Changes

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You can be notified of key presses by implementing the UserEventListener interface and creating a new UserEventRepository to which you add the keys that you want to receive events of. Then after registering your class and UserEventRepository in the EventManager, you should receive key events.

I think the following piece of code might be usefull:

public class MyXlet implements Xlet, UserEventListener

public void registerToKeyEvents()
UserEventRepository uer = new UserEventRepository("KeyListener");
// Add any other keys you want to listen to here, such as HRcEvent.VK_SUBTITLE

EventManager.getInstance().addUserEventListener(this, uer);

public void unregisterFromKeyEvents()
// Call this fro destroyXlet orso..

// To implement UserEventListener
public void userEventReceived(UserEvent ue)
if (ue.getType() == HRcEvent.KEY_PRESSED)
// Function that's gonna handle key presses


This should work for the subtitle button (not tested myself), but I haven't found any virtual key for the audio button (so not sure if your BD-J Xlet can be notified of an audio button keypress.

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