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Whats going on at a JNI call?

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Hi there,

I did some benchmarking of JNI calls on x86 and I would be really interested whats going on when a native method is called.

On my C2D I see about 35cycles call-overhead ... I would be really curious what is goind on at a JNI call, which instructions are used and what they are actually doing.

Has anybody had a look at the instructions generated by hotspot?

Thank you in advance, lg Clemens

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How did you measure this and what version of JDK did you use and what platform?

After all, 35 cycles per call is not that bad. I believe that the main overheads are arguments marshaling and checks on the rerun path (safepoint check).



Joined: 2004-01-07

It was with hotspot server, I figured it out by simply benchmarking it on a Core2Duo.
Well an additional argument adds about 1-2 cycles, I guess the safepoint-checking also costs about 2-3 cycles.

The native method only incremented an integer, so maybe 5-6 cycles.

I would be interested what else is going on ;)

- Clemens