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code for a midlet accessing a web service

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we are working on a moile shopping application using cell phones.I am using net beans 6.1 which has the mobillity feature in it.. i have done with the service part. now the problem is with the lient accessing the service.
Now on the client side we have created a mobile client application , who has all the stubs and wsdl files of the service.
i actually wanted the code where the client can access the service. there is a problem in this part.

Another thing i wanted to know, that in web services the output is in the XML format which is parsed by the SAX parser. but then where is this file. i dont know where and what is the name of this output file

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I am not sure I understand what specifically you are asking.

Is sounds like your web services is SOAP-based. To consume such web services you will either need a phone with JSR-172 or you need a proxy (one possibility is the Netbeans Web Service Client proxy wizzard). A complete tutorial is here:

If you are using the NB web service client then Netbeans does all the work for you after you point it to your WSDL file. Your Java ME client only needs to call the local web services library that is generated by Netbeans.

Is this what you are asking for?

-- Terrence