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generating wsdl without imports

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Has anyone come up with a work around for generating flat wsdl files for deployed web services (instead of x number of xsd imports)? In dealing with developers who may use older tools or need to implement clients manually, its helps to have a single wsdl file to work from. You generally dont see imported schemas in wsdl for widely used web services, and it seems to cause more problems/questions than it does any good.

Ive tried specifying a wsdl file (flattened manually) in /WEB-INF/wsdl/ to be returned to clients (http://..../service?wsdl) by adding the wsdl attribute to the endpoint tag in sun-jaxws.xml but this seems to have no effect.

Using Glassfish UR2/JSE6


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Joined: 2004-04-16

Not yet. See here

Though you can achieve this by handcrafting your WSDL.