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can anyone point me to an opensource jscript that does this.

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Im trying to figure out how this works so i can implement it in my school project but im pretty new to java script. This is the site.

thanks in advance for any help.

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Joined: 2008-07-11

Which part of the website is it you're talking about? There's two bits of javascript on the page: The script that makes the 'go' buttons green when you hover over them and a stat script that records the number of visitors.

The main functionality of the site (ie. the filters, searching, sorting) is done with PHP and mysql not javascript. It's serverside scripts that pull information from a database and display the results depending what the user asked for.


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Note that [b]JavaScript is not Java[/b]. This is a very common misconception, and I wish Netscape had just settled for "LiveScript." See and