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Bugs and Feature Requests in the timing framework

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Joined: 2007-08-07

I have a bug report and two feature requests. I'm wondering if anyone can make the appropriate changes or if I could make the changes and submit them to this project.

Bug Report:
I tried to use the timing framework on a split pane to change the divider location as follows:
collapseAnimator.addTarget(new PropertySetter(this, "dividerLocation",

When I do this I get the following printed out to the console:
Problem invoking method public void javax.swing.JSplitPane.setDividerLocation(double) in object ....

The timing framework calls the setDivider(double) instead of setDivider(int).

The two feature requests include:
1. When I specifiy a property such as dividerLocation above, it appears there must be a public setter for this property in the appropriate Java object. There have been times when I created a setter for the the property but I did not want the setter to be publicly accessible from other components. This does not seem to work with the timing framework. Since the timing framework is just doing reflection it shouldn't be hard to make this work.

2. At JavaOne, Chet Hasse talked about setting up the timing framework to use a timer that only has one thread that gets reused for all of the animation. It would be nice if this was integrated into the framework.

If this project is not going to be updated, would it make sense for me create a fork and put the fixes in myself under a new project name.

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Joined: 2007-08-07

I see there is a very similar api in the Scenegraph. I'll try into switching my code to use the Scenegraph instead of the Timing Framework. Chet says in his article that the Scenegraph API is still a moving target. Is that still true? Thank you.