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JDICplus 0.2.2 redraw problems switching between tabs

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We are deploying a Web Start application in Java 1.6.0_06.

We changed from JDIC 0.9.5 to JDICplus 0.2.2 as we needed Vista support (without doing "run as").

The BrComponent is placed in a tabbed panel. When we switch from the tab containing the browser to another panel there are browser artifacts left on the screen and the swing components do not work for about 30 seconds (e.g. if we display google maps the cursor is left as a cross).

Any thoughts as to why this is happening / fixes?

Also, I had to set JPopupMenu.setLightWeightPopupEnabled(true) or there were redraw problems with poup menus etc (it needed to be set to false with JDIC 0.9.5).

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brComponent.setVisible(false) when tab deselected and back to true when it is selected: use a changelistener on the tabbedPane to track which tab loses 'focus' and which one gains it.

I had to set JPopupMenu.setLightWeightPopupEnabled(false) to make menu work (otherwise, mouse do not allow to go down over a BrComponent). The menu paint then sucks but at least menuitems are accessible...

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This worked for me, thanks!

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But I put it into a frame, and when switch to other pane, just like:

frame.getContentPane().remove(webPane); // BrComponent in webPane, here need about 15s

wait about 15s to remove.

I find 15000 in the source of jdicweb.dll, but I can't compile it, many error and warning by vs2005.

Use setVisible(false), the same. how to do? to switch quickly