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The current status of SavaJe and mobileFX mobile?

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We all know that Sun accquired SavaJe OS years ago. But after that we only know that all the SavaJe link point to JavaFX mobile homepage which will be ready at about spring of 2009 as Sun said.

But in this year's JavaOne conference there no any information about SavaJe and JavaFX mobile at all. I think most developer who are interested in mobile java OS has the following questions:

Does this project is still alive?
Does we can preview this technology in its early phase?
Where can we get the SavaJe OS v2.0 or v2.5 to have a try?

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Actually, there was mention of Java/FX Mobile in Rich Green's keynote ( but the finer points were admittedly easy to miss.

Sun has broadened its approach regarding FX Script (which is a key ingredient of FX Mobile). The bottom line is that the general availability and adoption of FX Script on mobile devices takes precedence over the creation of the brand-new stack that is FX Mobile. The goal is to bring FX Script to mass-market phones as well as advanced smart phones as early as possible (plan is for spring 2009) in order to seed the market and allow developers to start building mobile apps using FX Script.

FX Mobile is a part of the FX Script family and it will be delivered with partners driven by market requirements. So I can't give you an estimate for availability, unfortunately.

Hope this helps,

-- Terrence

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I am disappointed to hear that the full FX Mobile stack is on the back burner. When Rich Green held up that Neo 1973 at JavaOne 2006 I wanted to run up on stage and pry it out of his fingers. I really, really want a Neo Freerunner running FX Mobile.

Well, I guess I will have to wait some more.