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Binding to a node's global coordinates

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I have a Node that is deeply nested within Groups. How would I go about writing a bind expression to the Node's global coordinates? That is, something that would trigger whenever the node or any of its ancestor groups were transformed.

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Joined: 2007-07-12

Is it what are you looking for?

import javafx.ext.swing.*;
import javafx.scene.paint.*;
import javafx.scene.geometry.*;

var x = 10;

Frame {
title: "MyApplication"
width: 200
height: 200

content: BorderPanel{
center: Canvas {
content: [
Circle {
centerX: bind x
centerY: 100
radius: 10
fill: Color.ORANGE

bottom: Slider {
minimum: 10
maximum: 190
value: bind x with inverse
visible: true

Joined: 2003-06-10


I haven't tried this code yet, but it doesn't look like what I'm looking for. I'm talking about Nodes deep within a Group hierarchy (here you have a Circle inside a Canvas inside a BorderPanel, but no Groups are involved).

If you had something like Group { content : [Group {content: [Circle {}] translateX:10}] translateX : 20}, I would want a bind (and this has nothing to do with inverse binds) on the Circle's global (as opposed to local) x that would recalculate any time either the Circle's x or any of its parent groups were moved.

I've figured out how to get a node's global coordinates through SgNode.localToGlobal, but I'm not sure how to bind to changes in the result of that function.