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deploy toolkit working yet?

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Joined: 2005-10-10

Hi All,

I am wondering if the deploy toolkit will support updating to 6u10 without installing manually 6u10. Last time I brought this up I was told because of the design/implementation of the toolkit it was not possible.


There are so many 1.5.x and even 1.4.x installs still out there seems a big opportunity is being lost but perhaps it has been fixed ;-)

So if you change your html to use deployJava.js it will only work as expected to upgrade to 6u10 only if 6u10 is already present. Seems the javascript is dependant on 6u10.

Someone please let me know if this has been fixed.


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Joined: 2006-08-26

If I understand your question...

Sun disables auto-deploy for beta versions. I guess this is to prevent people from releasing applications based on beta versions of Java, which you are not supposed to do (even though Apple and Borland do it).

You will have to wait until 6u10 is GA (General Availability) to test deployment or just test around that part. We are to assume that the auto-deploy will work and since it works for the current and recent GA versions, that's a reasonable assumption.