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6u10 hits 1,000,000+ downloads

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With today's report, by my count, 6u10 JRE and JDK have had over 1M combined downloads. We are pretty happy, and proud, about that.

This number includes all the Online and Offline installs of the JRE and JDK. Each week there are still some downloads of 'older' builds that I have chose to ignore, in order to keep things 'simple'. Also, we only really started to keep track of the downloads in March, the first builds of 6u10 were released in September:, so the overall download number may actually be a bit higher, but we will go with what we have :)

The, majority, of feedback that we have received to date has been positive about the release. Yes, there are still more things to address. We are pleased with the new plugin, it is solving many problems, and with such a massive rewrite, the compatibility has been fantastic, there have really only been a few number of regressions reported.

When the RC is released there will be a survey, similar to the survey you may have seen a the time of the Beta release. I urge you to fill out the survey. In the mean time, if you find a bug let us know,, or you can post here to the forums.

That is about it...... Thanks for the downloads, and the feedback. We appreciate it.

1,041,733 downloads and counting,

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Joined: 2004-11-15

Mr highlyannoyed,

Sorry to hear about the problem you faced with the SSVHelper. The SSVHelper was not introduced in 6u10, but somewhere back in ~6u3, I do not recall which one at the moment.

IE, for better or worse, is our target browser. ~80% of the users who hit, to download the JRE are using IE, so that IS our target. We run tests, and tests, and tests and more test on IE, with SSVHelper. I am guessing that there may be some other DLL on your system that SSVHelper is competing with, or have some other issue.

I can only wish there was the magical 'rug' that you speak of :)
If you have one, is it for sale?

Can you send me a mail at roger[dot]lewis[at]sun[dot]com and we can see why SSVHelper caused your broswer to run slowly. If one person out of 1,000,000 runs into this and is willing to report it, I wonder how many people will run into it with 80M downloads.

Hope you are willing to help out.


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yeah? well I have just spent 3 hours trying to fix what the new download did to my computer. After the automatic install I noticed that Internet Explorer was opening really slowly. I did all kinds of Google searches like "Java slow browser IE7" etc. I went to Sun's site and searched there, came here. Nothing easy to find.

Finally I came across the issue on a tech help site. I disabled the SSVHelper class by going to Tools > Internet Options > Programs > Manage add-ons in my browser and that solved the problem.

I assume 1,000,000+ people are having the same problem since you guys allowed the buggy install to continue being distributed. What's worse is that it seems that the problem has just been swept under the rug. When I did those Google searches, the #1 hit should have been on Sun's site or this one so your users don't have to spend all evening tracking down problem.

Hope this helps someone else

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And you assume all million+ are using IE7...

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Good point. It also would be interesting to see the distribution over time/build version.

Hopefully the build that fixes the skin problem with synth and spinners is released next week. I have been waiting for that fix for many builds.

Kirillcool, how is the next version of substance coming along? I enjoyed reading about the performance improvements and all the testing you are doing with 6u10.


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> Kirillcool, how is the next version of substance
> coming along? I enjoyed reading about the performance
> improvements and all the testing you are doing with
> 6u10.

It is going well, especially with the bug reports that are being filed on the current dev version. You're welcome to try it as well and let me know if you see any problems.


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Good stuff. Waiting for the TP1.

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Excellent job ! Cheer for the future of Java.

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Congratulations :)

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