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Ideas for new task oriented tutorials related to Applets and Java Web Start

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Joined: 2008-04-18

The Java SE documentation team is in the process of re-architecting documentation related to:
- Web Browser Next Generation Plugin
- Applet Development and Deployment
- Java Web Start Applications Development and Deployment

The intent is to make the content more task oriented, i.e. tutorial like.

To kickstart this effort, we would love to hear from the developer community about ideas for tutorials you would like to see in the above mentioned areas.

What information would help you to easily develop and deploy Java applets and Java Web Start applications? What major tasks do you perform when developing and deploying client side technologies?


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Joined: 2008-04-18

Thank you for your responses. In the next few months, when you start using 6u10, it would be great if you could suggest areas where more task oriented documentation would help. 6u10 has the next generation plugin and a new deployment toolkit.

Joined: 2007-04-29

IMO the tutorials should show:
-how to customize applet/webstart loading and branding (splash screen, icons (correct size for shortcuts...) etc)
-always try to design your app for both deployment types (because its easy)
-how to debug? (enable tracing/logging)
-how to index, pack, and sign jars (and in which order)
-how to improve user experience
---jar indexing
---when/how to lazy loading

-what is it?
-why (when is it required)
-self signed
-tricks to prevent signing (crossdomain.xml, use extensions for libs like JOGL where possible)
-important notes like "always try to sign all jars with the same certificate"

the new applet related stuff:
-share VMs or not
-javascript -> applet interaction
-draggable applet

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I agree with mbien about the content but his list it not exactly "task oriented".

While developing and maintaining a Swing front end for a time management system I found myself needing to do the following:

1. Get java into the hands of every client/customer (and manage versions).
2. Install the initial version of my application.
3. Roll out upgrades as things changed.

Number 1 and 3 seem to be the "sticking points" for some people. They just think it will be a nightmare to deal with as java versions change. The other common misconception is that one would have to run to every computer and manually upgrade a client every time there is a change.

I was very successful so I know it works. Any documentation you can write to help explain this process I think would help.