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Make jMaki display the widgets in German

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I'm wondering whether there's some way to tell jMaki that I need it to display all of its components (drop down date picker and alike) in a given language, say German.
I'm expecting that by now the widgets have been translated and there's probably some way of telling jMaki which lang to use.
Googling didn't help, so, is this possible?
Any hint would be appreciated.

Added Message:
The reason I'm asking is because jMaki seems to auto-decide what language to use at runtime, but since there seems to be no translation for Russian (the site I'm working over should have a russian translation), so instead of "July" in the drop down date picker I only see "7", that's why I wanna "force" it to use english (only) or so. I'll try to use Google widgets and see if that helps.

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The level of internationalization (Russian or German to that effect) is dependent on the underlying widget libraries.

jMaki provides the underlying APIs to allow for localization as detailed at:

jMaki allows you to force a language from the server based on the browser's language setting.

For what you are asking for I think it might be better to use the one library that has the widgets that are localize which is the Dojo Dijit widgets. These are available as part of the plugins. I have not tested to see whether the Dojo Dijit widgets autodetect locales but my suspicion is that they do.