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JavaFX script or JavaFX Script Compiler

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I am new to JavaFX. Decided to use it after considering options for rapid UI development for my clients.
I am rather confused with which JavaFX to use. I know one is interpreter base and the other compiler based. As I am developing my UI, I have come across different packages for the same swing classes. One is in the javafx.ui package and the other in the javafx.ext.swing package. I do realise that the former is developed for the javafx script and the other was developed for the openjfx compiler.
I am using Netbeans 6.1 and looks like the only plugin available is the openjfx compiler. As it seems the compiler is able to build my code using the swing components in the javafx.ui package but would it be safe to assume that this will go on indefinitely, while realising the community is also developing the javafx.ext.swing package to rival that? I do realise that the javafx.ui has more components for my immediate need, compared to the other, but would I risk my code using that package would not be able to be built by the openjfx compiler in the future? Thanks and appreciate any advice you can give.


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The javafx.ui package is not supported now.
The javafx.ext.* and javafx.scene.* are developing now and they will be used in the final version.

You can directly ask developers about all your question subscribing to [u][/u] alias from page.