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Add Server Instance: list is blank, cannot add GlassFish server to NetBeans

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Joined: 2008-07-03

I had NetBeans 6.1 installed with GlassFish v2ur2 on my laptop (running Vista). I had a config issue and decided to uninstall then reinstall everything. Now I can't add GlassFish server. The "Add Server Instance" panel is blank (from Tools->Add Server).
The NetBeans bundle included GlassFish with it. GlassFish is installed, and I can launch the admin console on port 4848. It is listed in the PATH variable.
I am completely at a loss.

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Joined: 2005-01-14

I had the same problem (no way to add any server, and the types of projects I could create were severely constrained also). I found deleting my Netbeans profile folder (on Windows, it located in c:\documents and settings\myloginid\.netbeans, Linux, probably /home/myloginid/.netbeans) and restarting NetBeans fixed the problem for me. There's a delay on startup though as the profile folder needs recreating--closing and reopening NetBeans a second time may be needed.

Joined: 2007-10-03

I too had the same problem after uninstaling and installing the glassfish again. Somehow Netbeans cant figure out. You have to manually browse the glassfish home directory.