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A couple of BD-Live questions

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When you say, "'s possible to load new assets [e.g., bitmaps, fonts, effect audio, etc] into your application without requiring a VFS update", how is this accomplished? For instance, what would the bdj url for a downloaded "effect audio" file be without doing a VFS update? How would such files be located in the BUDA without first doing a VFS update?

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you don't need to locate them in buda i think. you just load them into corresponding variable. they are loaded into memory. it's just like reading from the optical disk, but slower.

Joe Rice

On Jul 2, 2008, at 9:50 PM, wrote:

> Hi forum,
> We are thinking how to implement some of BD-Live (network
> interaction) features on our BD projects. I have a couple of
> questions if anybody can help to bring light on this topic to me,
> especially regarding certificates, signing and AACS as this is
> something what is not possible test carefully before expensive
> mastering.
> - I heard, there is some “special” certificate for use of BD-Live
> functionality, for what (where) is used? I know it is necessary to
> get a license to obtain this certificate and a license to use the BD-
> Live logo as well. Is this license for content owner or for
> authoring house?

It's for the content owner. It's not strictly required, but if not
used the player may present various warnings about network connections
that could cause viewer confusion or annoyance.

> - Is there any authority for issuing of the Organization IDs or are
> there any rules for generating of ID?

There isn't an authority. Just follow the BD guideline recommendations.

> - I assume AACS encryption, Content Certificate etc. is done during
> authoring/mastering and it is valid for content on the disc. Is
> there any requirement to change any, if disc application will
> download any resource (bitmaps, fonts, effect audio, text…) to local
> storage (BUDA) and use them? In other words, is it possible to work
> like this without any necessity of encryption and/or VFS update with
> new certificates, keys etc.?

Only clip AV stream files are encrypted, and yes, it's possible to
load new assets into your application without requiring a VFS update.

> - What about if the downloaded resource will be new BD-J
> application. In this case it is necessary to do VFS update to
> integrate all new data (bdjo, jar, cert, …). Is it right? Will be
> there necessary to change any AACS related data as well? Is there
> possibility to prepare BD-J title without any real JARs and
> resources (or only with some dummies) and later download new JARs
> and resource and integrate them by VFS update without any AACS
> problems? Any other solution?

Yes, you'd need a VFS update in this case. AACS doesn't come into play.

> - Similar question regarding new clip/playlist data. How it works
> with AACS. Is always VFS update necessary?

Yes, a VFS update is necessary here, and you may need to deal with
AACS, but it can be avoided. If you isolate your downloaded content
into its own title (so it's not in a CPS unit defined on the disc) it
can be unencrypted. If downloading secondary audio or video or
subtitles that work with encrypted disc content, they'll also have to
be encrypted in the same CPS unit, however.


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Joined: 2008-01-24

Thank you very much Joe, it helped me a lot.
I am in middle of developing/testing, probably some additional question will arise soon :)


Joined: 2008-01-24

And they are here (the questions :) ).

- I did successfully VFS update. When I am trying to do next VFS update (the same file names with different/new updated content, I get FileNotFoundException when creating new FileOutputStream() for download. It seems like when the VFS update is active, it locks necessary files in the local storage and I cannot download file with the same file name. Probably only solution is to reset the VFS update to the disc set - requestUpdating(null,null,false) – recall the title to finish the update and do new download with VFS update. Have anybody this problem too? Any more elegant solution?

- Next question is regarding A/V download. Joe mentioned that there is a possibility to isolate downloaded content to its own title. How this can be done? Is it enough to update index.bdmv file as well and define new title here, so the new title will exist but will not be part of any CPS unit defined on the disc? Is it OK from AACS point of view? Or/and is it possible to create a title already during HDMV authoring (Sonic Scenarist HDMV) as a dummy title (and probably dummy clips) and create second CPS unit for them with not encrypted settings. As well, is it possible from AACS point of view?

Thank you in advance for any thoughts/ideas.