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simulate key presses..

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Joined: 2008-06-11

Hi fellows..
I was wondering is there a way to simulate key presses after loading a MIDlet or has anyone tried it yet? :)

Well, what I'm thinking is may be write a script that will have the sequence of key presses (with some delay in-between each) and if a parser module can be written which would read the file and generate key-press events for the emulator.

The following situation might help you understand it better:
Definitions of terms I've used here:
- Script: A sequence of keycodes OR keynames
- Parser Module: A module that is integrated with phoneME, which reads the 'Script' and generates appropriate events to be sent to the MIDlet.

(example: ok.. consider the WTK emulator. Now it has a GUI emulator. Now when u press a key on the num pad of the emulator, that 'button' press is read and sent from the emulator to the MIDlet.. right? Now, instead of the GUI transmitting the ;button' pressed events, I want to have a parser module that would read the script and generate these 'button' presses which would be sent to the MIDlet)

A detailed description can be found here:
(phoneME Developer forum)

Can anyone point me in the right direction as to what modules / part of the source code (phoneME feature for Linux/x86) do I look into - basically for just generating & sending key-press events..?

Thank you