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How to add a jMaki Widget using JavaScript ?

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Joined: 2008-02-12

I want to add a new jMaki widget on runtime to the page.
Suppose user click on a button and a jMaki Autocomplete
widget will be added to the page - i want this using JavaScript without page refresh.

Any clue!!!!!


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Joined: 2003-07-31


Which version of jMaki are you using?

If you are using the latest and greatest from the nightly builds the code for the widget loader should be included:

If not find it here:*checkout*/jmaki-ext/trunk/...

Place this file in your :

/resources/jmaki/widgetFactory dirctory.

This file needs to be defined after your first widget (after the jmaki.js has been loaded). You could even add it as a dependency of your autocomplete component.

Use it like this:

var widgetFactory = jmaki.getExtension("jmaki.widgetFactory");
if (widgetFactory == null) widgetFactory = jmaki.loadExtension("jmaki.widgetFactory");
{ widget : { name : 'jmaki.tagcloud'}
container : _someDiv,
callback : _callback

widget is the wargs you normally give a widget. You are required to provide a name as the minimum. Provide a DOM node reference and also a callback if you want it called following the widget load. The widget loader will load all the required JS and CSS resources needed by a widget.

If you are loading widget resources from somewhere other than /resources/ you can provide a widgetDir property as part of the widget properties to where to find the widget resources (component.js/component.css/component.htm). Widgets tend to also need the widgetDir to find images or other widget related items.

Please let me know if you have a hard time with this.


Joined: 2008-02-12

Thanks Greg !

i am using jmaki 1.8.0 released on 30th April-2008.

I downloaded the file described by you and added the script code mentioned...

but the [b]widgetFactory[/b] directory is not available in [b]resources [/b]folder. I created this directory and kept the file [b]extension.js[/b] in that directory. but still i facing following JavaScript error


[b]widgetFactory is undefined[/b][/i]

following is my jsp code

//and _someDiv is also defined