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I've integrated a key fix into a branch that needs to be up-levelled

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Joined: 2003-09-02

I just made the following fix to the wonderland-rel-0-3 branch of the LG cvs:

/cvs/lg3d-core/src/classes/org/jdesktop/lg3d/displayserver/,v <--
new revision:; previous revision: 1.16

This fixes a major bug which was introduced during a bug fix two years ago. It causes various
user input events to be ignored seemingly at random.

We on the Wonderland project agreed to confine our changes to the wonderland branch but this
is a change that effects all core LG users. Whoever currently owns the LG cvs should move
this fix up into the trunk.

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Amir Bukhari

I will do it as soon as i got time.


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