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JavaFX and communication with backend

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After following the JavaFX tech developments for a while, I can certainly see the benifits of rich client applications/ria's, deployed either as applets or using webstart. But I'm wondering what technologies are suggested to be used for the comms between the ria and the backend server over the web.
Guess that will have to deal with things like http firewalls, security, single sign on, session state, ie all the things 'normal' enterprise webapps have dealt with.
I think Adobe has Flex Data Services to address this.
What is Sun proposing in this area?

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Since JavaFX Script (JFX-S) is Java, your options are many. You could build a web service client using Axis or JAX-WS, then call that code from JavaFX script. I have also seen a prototype web services package for JFX-S. In addition, you "could" avoid the web service layer and interact direct with the database via the JFX-S jdbc classes.