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auto start rendezvous

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Joined: 2008-03-26

I need help,

I configured my peer as EDGE, and create a custom group and then join in it. I also configured my peer to switch become rendezvous automatically using setAutoStart(true);

How could i know if my peer after join the group switch his role become rendezvous because , i run that peer alone in my network so there is no other peer will join the group.
So after my peer create and join the group, it will retrieve rendezvous service, and if there is no rendezvous in that group my peer will switch become rendezvous

i tried this method isRendezvous() always return false, or may be i am wrong


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Joined: 2007-01-31

Two ideas:

a) In which group have you set the auto-start flag? In the net peer group or in the peer group you have created? You would need to make sure that the flag is set in your new peer group by retrieving the rendezvous service from that peer group.

b) I would only be concerned if you had two peers on the same LAN (i.e., who can talk to each other with broadcasting) and the one who has auto-start set on does not become a rendezvous after some time... I think you should perform a test with two peers instead of one. There is no real reason for a single peer to become a rdv when it is alone.

Hope this helps,


Joined: 2008-04-24

Thanks adamman!

Puhhh, i still have problems. The peer who creats the group sets now this start flag, but it takes a long time until peers from WAN is getting visible? I am using the public test server... may someone could take a short look in my code? i think i need help... what is wrong?

Thanks in advance!

Joined: 2007-11-18

Hi jimy.
You have to set up a rendezvous node for your groups in order to get a good performance.

I think test nodes are only intended to operate in the NetPeerGroup, but not in custom peergroups.

If you want to create an application that runs its own group, forget test nodes (They're for testing!)


Joined: 2008-04-24

Is it necessary to have a rendevous peer in a new customer group? I tried this without, but it's not working, that could be the reason. :-)

Joined: 2008-05-22

Hi primus03:

There are three methods for a edge peer to search a rendezvous peer:

(1). Using rendezvous peers seeding.

(2). Using rendezvous peers which had been found before.

(3). Using broadcast.

I don't know the sequence of using these methods, but I am sure that these methods need a while to run. A edge peer would become a rendezvous peer only if it tries all of these methods and can't find any other rendezvous. Hence, you can't assume that how long does a edge peer spend to find out a rendezvous peer.

For more stable performance, I recommend that you set up some rendezvous peer as seed.

Joined: 2008-03-26

Is there anybody could explain why it always return false???