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It cannot restart runMidlet when i click the top button [OK] to close it.

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Joined: 2003-12-13

I download the phoneME Feature - MIDP rev11740 from Then install it on the Windows Mobile 6.

When i click the exit to close the runMidlet, it is no problem. When i click the top button [OK] to close it, it cannot be restart. When i click the top button [OK] to close it, it can close the runMidlet, but i cannot restart runMidlet again. I should restart the phone, the runMidlet can start again. I guest the runMidlet don't release the resource when we click the top button [OK] to close it.

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Joined: 2007-01-03

Hi timchen,

You just came across one of the peculiarities of Windows Mobile. If you
push the top button, you do not really close the application. It is still running
in the background. You can check for yourself by going into Settings ->
Memory -> Running Programs. As you cannot run the same program twice
(yet another WM thingy), you cannot start another VM. I always use a
small application to really close the application whenever I click on the top
button. There are small freeware tools like pBar or MagicButton that can
help you with that.

However, for some reason I would expect that if you try to run runMidlet a
second time, that the old window pops up in the foreground again.
Apparently it doesn't.


Joined: 2003-12-13


Thanks a lot. pBar can help me to fix my problom now. I will write a simple program to open the runMidlet later. I can close the old runMidlet, if it is still running in my program.

Can you take a look, my other thread: Cannot compile CLDC for the WinCe I donnot know how to continue now. Can you give me some advice?