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Im a Beginner TOTALLY and I want to learn how to make program in JAVA

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Joined: 2008-06-28

Hi guys!, Im so sorry if you found this irritating buts its my first time and I don't have any background in C or even in C++ which they say somehow similar with Java. Im having a hard time finding a step by step procedure or tutorial on how to use JAVA. Im 38 years old and I really really need to learn the JAVA. If any one out there that can assist me, thank you very much. I really really need a step by step procedure or source code I believe thats what they call it. You can email me the information or were I can download it or if you can send it thank you very much. or

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Joined: 2008-10-16

I too have just jumped into Java. What I found in itunes University is a free online class offered up by Standford University. Get a free copy of iTunes and start learning programing. The video course is called Programing Methodology with Professor Mehren Sahami.

Cool part is the class just started so all the handouts and asignments are online at:

Lastly, since the course book is so expensive, you can get an abbreviated copy in powerpoint at the writer's web page:

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Hi there,

That's the purpose of the Getting Started lesson in the Java Tutorials.

I suggest you start there. :-)


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Hi Sharon, all,

Do you think it is possible to learn Java and pass the SCJP exam without any programming background or with very, very minimal programming background by reading the Java Tutorial?

I'm currently reading the Tutorials and I find the explanations on the first few chapters very good but the concept is getting harder and harder to grasp especially when it comes to OuterClass, InnerClass and NestedClasses. Furthermore, I don't quite understand the use of constructors and the different types of modifiers yet. (Is there a default modifier I can use when I write a program if I'm not sure if I want my variables to be public, private or protected?)

Anyway, imho, it is really difficult to learn any programming language if we don't have anyone to guide us or help us with our questions. Fortunately we have this forum and it should help a bit. :)


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If you are asking me whether you can pass the certification exam with no prior programming experience, I should think so.

If you are asking me whether you can pass the certification exam without doing any Java programming, well, that would be difficult, I think. To learn Java you really need hands on experience programming Java.

Good luck. :-)