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Using TITLE_UNBOUND_DISC_BOUND to prevent restarting of Xlet?

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Hi all!

I have an Xlet as the FirstPlayback / TopMenu object in my project. Problem is that when I hit the TopMenu (Title Menu) button on the remote, it restarts the Xlet. So, from the book, it says to preventing restart of the Xlet:

"... you need to make your application be title-unbound, and you need to include it in the TopMenu title"

I have changed TITLE_BOUND_DISC_BOUND in my bdjo XML descriptor to TITLE_UNBOUND_DISC_BOUND so that I can generate the proper bdjo file. I also made sure that the TopMenu's movieobject points directly to my Xlet (the project is very simple: FirstPlayback and TopMenu both have MovieObjects which both point to my BD-J title).

With this, when testing in PowerDVD, the TopMenu/TitleMenu selection still restarts the Xlet.

I'd like to try to disable the TopMenu button altogether (tried using the UOMaskTableControl) or get the title-unbound method working.

Any suggestions?


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I believe that during a transition from BD-J to HDMV mode, the java VM is required to be terminated (spec 3-2 So even a title unbound BD-J app won't live through the activation of TopMenu if it's pointing to a MovieObject. You'll have to use BD-J mode for the TopMenu to do the book's approach.

For disabling the Topmenu button, changing the terminal info in the corresponding title object (either in the .bdjo or MovieObject.bdmv file) will be the simplest, I believe, though I've never tried it myself. Below is a related thread about it.