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Existing ways to store java.util.Preferences in a JDBC backend?

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Joined: 2008-01-05

Hello all,

I'm curious if anyone has seen any pre-existing libraries that provide a JDBC backend for storing preferences from java.util.Preferences?

I realize this isn't *really* a JDNC question, but it does actually affect user experience to have preferences stored locally or remotely, and what I'm really looking for is desktop application preferences in a semi-distributed environment.

Should I be approaching this differently?

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Joined: 2004-06-11

You can also use the Apache Configuration API (, it is quite similar to java.util.preferences, but it can store data where you want.

Joined: 2003-09-20

I don't know if it can be of any help to you, but I had this same kind of usage scenario. Preferences store by default on windows registry on Windows, and it is not always possible to change it in some controlled enterprise environments (not mentioning the fact that the preferences are stored on the host machine rather than on the network).

I created a project some time ago partly to address this for my needs: that is being able to control the way Preferences are stored. Look, here: