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Are *BeanInfo classes still being requested by default in update 10?

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Joined: 2004-12-24

When we were optimising the start up time of our applet some time ago under Java 6 build 5 we noticed there was a signigicant delay caused by *BeanInfo classes being requested for certain classes that didn't not exist. The plugin was attempting to download the *BeanInfo class from the classpath.

As far as I remember we were never able to find why these were being requested for some classes and not others and couldn't find a way of turning this off so we ended up creating dummy BeanInfo classes for those that were requested by checking the trace and including these in our jar.

My Questions;

1) Is the requesting of *BeanInfo class behaviour the same in update 10 as previously?

2) If it is, could we have some kind of flag to disable it to improve start up performance time if there is not already?



I had posted this thread previously under Home