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New package structure

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Joined: 2007-05-11

If you check out the latest build of the compiler, you'll see major movement of packages. The javafx.gui package seems to be disappeared, there is a lot of scenegraph classes in it and there is a javafx.swing.ext package which contains all kind of components.
Can anyone tell where this is going?

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Joined: 2007-07-12

Subject: "The artist previously known as Reprise" is now integrated into the compiler ws

Hello all,

With some much appreciated help from Brian Goetz and Tom Ball I've just finished integrating what was previously known as "Reprise" into the openjfx-compiler workspace. Now you can all keep up to date with regular builds.

Some important notes:

- javafxgui.jar is now gone. Everything goes into javafxrt.jar. To build the runtime: "ant runtime". Note that for a short while longer this includes the old javafx.ui stuff. To build without it: "ant runtime-no-ui".

- Package renaming! You'll immediately notice that just about everything has moved, as we've re-organized package structure significantly. For example: javafx.ext.swing.*, javafx.application.Application, javafx.scene.Node, javafx.scene.paint.Color. It's my job to ensure that anything touched by the hudson builds are adjusted with respect to these changes. But I expect there'll be a lot of you that still need to change your code. We apologize, and we're exploring facilities to make importing the new packages easier.

- Our sandbox and unit tests are on their way over. Just haven't got to them yet.


Joined: 2007-05-11

Thanks for the reply, this is what I was looking for. I wonder when we can expect the structure to be final. I guess just before it goes to public beta?.