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Issue resurrection - JDNC Swingx

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Just worked my way through some veery dated issues - those in the old
jdnc project in its swingx component (ignoring subcomponent data/form).
While some were fixed or no longer applicable or we decided going a
totally different route, a couple of handfuls made it into SwingX (or
had been already re-filed there - like f.i. the request of continuation
tooltip which I had been sure I had seen before ;-)

It's a bit boring (some perls, though - like a early discussion about

so I did "my" categories only. Hear it coming? Not surprisingly, I want
to nudge all contributors to look over theirs as well At the end of
the process, all swingx-related jdnc issues should be resolved, one way
or the other. If they are still useful, I suggest to open a new one in
the swingx tracker (we never look into the jdnc, do we) and add
references to the new/old and resolve the old with a "remind" - at least
that's what I did.

Happy dusting!


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