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[Fwd: Get SSL certificates for Glassfish with load balancer LinuxVirtualServer]

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Pankaj Jairath


If I have understood your query, then I suppose you are trying to setup
a cluster and front it with linux's LVS for load balancing. You can
achieve that by creating a cluster within a single domain and add your
instances to be part of this cluster - the target. These instances,
would then share the same jks system and you need to obtain the
certificate related to this target. The certificate associated with the
http-service ssl listeners would same across the instances of the cluster.

> Hi,
> I have some doubts about how to obtain the ssl cetificate for two GlassFish v2u2 servers (profile cluster, but with 2 DAS). I have a linux solution to implement the load balancer LVS.
> My doubt is if i have to obtain two diferents cetificates for each server, or (i think this one is the option) I have to obtain the same cert. for both servers. In that case I should import the keypair form one server to the other, isn't it?
> Thanks a lot.
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