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JDIC 0.9.5's WebBrowser capacity to listen to java script actions

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Joined: 2008-06-16

Hi uta and others,

Urgent help is needed. Let me first explain the scenario I have. I have implemented WebBrowser component inside of Applet thru which user navigates
various urls. When adding addWebBrowserListener to a component, I am able to control over certains actions f.ex with the following methods..

- downloadCompleted
- downloadProgress
- downloadError
- documentCompleted
- etc

but if I needed to control, say, what is happening purely on client side (via Javascript code) and when one such a client side event happens then it triggers an specific action that i can use f.ex for whatever purpose. I am aware of webBrowser's executeScript(String) method that is possible f.ex to trigger javascript alert("hello") etc. But if I needed to find out what's happening on a client side by means of javascript functions, how to achieve this goal?


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Joined: 2008-06-16

hello jdic developers,

I am still wondering how to solve my javascript related problem. To refresh up your minds, I need to track down all the javascript events and write them onto a socket opened on jdic component residing inside my applet.

Basically i can easily track and write down all the POST/GET etc client-server events with the help of webBrowser's addWebBrowserListener implementation - with its downloadCompleted(event) etc. So POST/GET's etc are no problem in my scenario.

[b]But how to add some kind of listener to webBrowser and listen what javascript (client side) events are taking place on the component. I will have to track and write down all the javascript events as well in my applet. So is there a way to do this using jdic?[/b]

I really appreciate if you gave any hints or suggestions how to solve or approach my problem.