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How to use ActionEvent's getKeyevent() ?

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I have decoupled my Form and it's ActionListener. That is, my ActionListener is implementd in another class, and not in the Form.

Anyway, I find it really annoying that the keyReleased() method has to be implemented in the Form, and cannot be delegated to the Form's ActionListener (or can I?). Something tells me that I can, because there is ActionEvent has a nice getKeyEvent() method..

Sorry if that sounded confusing, what I basically want is..
public MyForm extends Form

MyActionListener mal = new MyActionListener()
this.setKeyListener(mal) //There is nothing like this?

So then, in the MyActionListener..

public void actionEvent()
if(evt.getCommand() == someCommand)
if(evt.getKeyEvent() == Display.GAME_RIGHT)


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Hi Nafs,
the key in the action event is designed for actionPerformed only and not for navigation events. You can derive the specific element in the form or in order to control elements such as focus you can use other methods.
We are considering the ability of listening to keyPress/release events without deriving form/component but we don't want to increase the size of the API/JAR.