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How do you sign a Pack200 file?

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I'm trying to use the Pack200 capabilities of the new Java plug-in with JNLP. I'm using the pack200 utility to create files, but don't know how to sign them so that they are trusted. I've tried signing the JAR file and then running the pack200 utility with no success. I've also tried to use jarsigner on a pack200 compressed file, but it says that it doesn't recognize the format.

Please advise,
Jim Weaver

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if you are lazy like me ;)
1. create a javafx netbeans application
2. steal everything what looks interesting from nbproject/jnlp-impl.xml (the whole file) and put it into your project

(now in your project)
3. enable webstart and provide:[code]
in and[code]
in private
4. build it

never think again about signing or packaging ;)

(the ant tasks are in the javafx user library module I think)
IMO the pack200 ant tasks should be part of the standard se project instead of javafx projects by default because it has actually nothing to do with javafx.

if you like it vote for this rfe:

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1) you need to first repack your jar file, this will create another jar file from your current jar file.

2) next you sign the new jar file.

3) now run the pack200 on the signed jar and it should work.