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Joined: 2008-06-10

Hello there,

First of all, great work on the toolkit.

I already have an application developed on lcdui, and now I am trying to port it over to LWUIT.
In my lcdui.Form , I could do form.append(progressGauge)
But I noticed that in LWUIT, there is no Gauge widget! The gauge is a central part of my app and I need to add it to my LWUIT form... please provide some suggestions.

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Joined: 2003-11-07

Hi Nafs,
are you looking for a Gauge as a progress indicator or for an editable Gauge?

If the former then I wrote a simple progress indicator implementation in the blog:

If the latter you can probably start from my example, make it focusable and then handle key events appropriately.


Joined: 2008-06-10

yes I was looking for a progress indicator type Gauge

anyway, I re-wrote your Gauge a little to use lcdui's setValue() instead, so this is what width calculation in paint() looks like:

int clippedWidth = (int)((currentVal / maxValue) * getWidth());

this way i dont have to change my old lcdui code which uses Gauge
It works... all good. thanks.