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Device Requirements

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We are evaluating usage of lwuit for our mobile application. Would like to get some information, as I didn't find it in the guide or the forum.

1. Which devices does lwuit support? Is there any list of supported/certified devices? or do we know which devices do not support it.
2. What are the minimum requirements (j2me configuration, memory, etc) to run lwuit?
3. Are there any recommended guidelines/suggestions to develop device independent mobile application. A few samples or code snippets would be helpful.

Thanks in advance.


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Joined: 2008-04-29

Hi Jeff,

Generally speaking LWUIT runs on CLDC1.1\MIDP2 devices, we have tested on the following devices:
(this is one of the thing we need help from the community to help us track the devices, so feel free to add devices to the wiki, thanks).

Regarding memory, this is really dependent on the application code(how many resources, images, forms....), however we've noticed a typical application will consume ~1-2 mega heap.(our lwuit demo occupies ~800k heap and it has plenty of images, themes, forms, transitions...).

For more info and samples you are welcome to download the bundle from: