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cant run midlet on arm

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Joined: 2008-03-21

hello !!
i compiled phonme feature stack for arm9 successfully. i tested several CLDC appliation they also runs. but when i go to run midlet
i.e i followed below steps
1. installmidlet < path to /url to jar file of midlet for e.g manyballs>
on shell prompt of arm linux
( here i didnt get anything on screen as well as no errors on prompt)

2. listmidlet ( here also nothing)

3. runmidlet and parmaeters but here i used command given in runmidlet script.
can anybody tell me wht are proper steps to run midlets on arm?

thanks in advance!!!!!

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Joined: 2008-06-27

Hi All,
I have completed compiling phoneMe(only CLDC) for ARM,i need to test this.
What are file i need to copy on to the target device....
can anyone list out the steps for testing this..

thanks in advance

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Joined: 2008-03-21

aravind_rj u only download cldc_vm file and if requires download and one more u need to preverify u'r application first then run it on arm.

Joined: 2008-06-27

thanks tuxc,

right now i have copied all the folder that is present in the linux_arm/dist(dist contains bin,lib,include). my question is do i need to copy entire dist folder or just bin is enough to run the java programs.
how to reduce the size of the compiled version virtual machine. coz bin folder itself is around 13 Mb. please give me the steps to reduce the size of VM.

Joined: 2008-03-21

sory for late rply
actually it is not necessary to take all dist only cldc_vm is sufficient to run cldc application. and also in that preverify and all those necessary on host.
and i tested cldc_vm with few application not with complex cldc application so in that case u may need .

Thanx & Regards!!

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From your description it appears to be some issue with your console since each utility you me mentioned produces some output in any case.
For instance, says something like "no MIDlets installed" if there are no MIDlets successfully installed.

Could you try to execute runMidlet without arguments? What does it say?

Alexey Kornev