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Yahoo.tree : link in a new window

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First please excuse me for my poor English, this is my jsp code in Netbeans 6.1 :

while (it.hasNext()) {
MetaModele element = (MetaModele);
chaineTree = chaineTree.concat("{ label : " + entreeNode + "',");
chaineTree = chaineTree.concat(" action: {topic:'/jmaki/dcontainer/setInclude', message: {targetId: 'page', value:'index.jsp'}},");

chaineTree = chaineTree.concat(" expanded: true");
if (it.hasNext()) { chaineTree = chaineTree.concat("},"); }
if (!(it.hasNext())) { chaineTree = chaineTree.concat("}"); }


chaineTree=chaineTree.concat(" ]}}");


When i click on the link node the content appear in the frame in the same page, it worked fine. But how modify the code for another page.

Thanks by advance..

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Just to confirm:

You want to open a new page in a different frame instead of a internal container correct?

If this is what you are aiming to do we are going to need to use hrefs and have a "target" with the name of the external frame. If this is what you are looking to do let me know and I'll try to help with an example.