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How to just filter the underlying components and not the LayerUI

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Joined: 2003-08-17

Hi, I just started to play with JXLayer and this might be a dumb question.

What i am trying to acheive is to paint on a LockableUI and during that the stuff in the background should be locked (no problem there) and blurred out to drive away the users focus from the background. However trying to reproduce your examples, also the stuff painted on the LockableUI is blurred out.

Example, if I add an Emboss Filter to the BusyPainterUI in the LockableDemo, also the BusyPanel is embossed.

Is there a way to tell JXLayer to only use the effects on the component it is decorating and not the stuff it paints in paintLayer(...)?

PS: Kudos: The JXLayer is great stuff. I was trying to accomplish what I am doing with JLayeredPanes and I had no results whatsoever even after 4 hours.

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Joined: 2005-09-05

Hello Vorgi

All stuff painted in paintLayer() is filtered with effects,

however you can override the paint() method, call super.paint()

and do your decorations there, passing over all effects

by the way, adding components to the layer's glasspane

may be interesting to you as well, see discussion here

Thanks for your kind words