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plugin JRE6u5, UMTS dialup?

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in a situation where one of our users needs to work with an applet in different environments, I do see some strange things happen right now: The applets do work well for him as soon as he is either in our LAN or working on our servers connected via a DSL line. However as he's on the road once in a while using a Vodafone UMTS dialup to connect to our severs, we experience applet issues in this setup. The applet itself is configured using and to keep most of the relevant jars locally available and preload some of them to increase applet performance, and on the machine in question always has them around in the latest version.

Dialing up using UMTS, the following happens:
- Browser loads.
- "Java" logo of 1.6 applet displays where the applet is supposed to be.
- The "progress" bar stops at the very first step.
- Things remain this way until the browser / vm is shut down.
- Watching the Java Console at maximum output, no output at all is generated though (nothing happening?).

Overally, I am out of ideas how to resolve this. Looking at the configuration of the browsers while connecting, it seems the UMTS dialup doesn't use at least a "visible" HTTP proxy (maybe a transparent one but this is the same in our LAN). E-Mail, IRC and some other things also work across that connection so I don't think the amount of services is in any way limited / locked.

Do I miss something? Any ideas anyone what could cause this strange behaviour, and, ideally, how to get over it?
Thanks a bunch in advance, best regards.