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problem using dojo.tabbedview

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Hi all,

I am using dojo.tabbedview in my servlet jsp web application. I have added it as java tag library on my page. I am having 5 tabs in it and I have included 5 different jsp pages, one page for each tab.
All 5 jsp pages which I have included in tabs runs successfully as called directly from browser.

I have tested in on microsoft IE and mozilla firefox.

-> In Mozilla firefox only first two tab displays data for rest of the tab no data is loaded it just displays blank page.

-> In IE it loads data in all tabs. But I have noticed that for one tab only it crashes whole browser. As I have told earlier all pages runs successfully as an individual pages.

kindly suggest any solution for this issue.
Do performance of jmaki framework differs in diffent browsers.


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Joined: 2008-06-12

It seems that dojo.tabbedview widget executes its methods and events very well.

I am facing problem with the jmaki.dcontainer widget. After some includes in jmaki.dcontainer it just got hanged in mozilla firefox, but it is still manage to load included pages in internet explorer.

I have tried to study these controls and found that dojo.tabbedview control uses jmaki.dcontainer internally[b](If I am not wrong)[/b]. And because of that I am facing such kind of performance error in dojo.tabbedview widget also.

I am not that much sure about the issue. but if any one have any suggestions or faced similar kind of situation please share it. It will be really helpful.

Thanks in advance,

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Can you reverify this with the latest jMaki? (namely the jmaki.js).

There was a bug with the early 1.8 beta 1 that was causing some problems with Mozilla which should be fixed in the lastest.

The latest nightly builds are at:

Also could you provide a sample of something that is not working for you (war / html) please send it to me at gmurray71 at

Hopefully we can get you up and running.