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OCAP - Viewing RTP stream via XLET - Vidiom Workbench

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Joined: 2008-06-10

We're exploring the integration of VOIP services and OCAP applications. Is it possible to read/play from an RTP stream? How would this be accomplished using existing MediaLocator objects? I noticed the JMF RTP packages don't seem to be present within Vidiom Workbench -

Perhaps I'm heading in the wrong direction? I'd like to eventually stream audio/video from sources including VoiceMail servers, WebCams, etc...

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Joined: 2008-06-11

The main issue you are going to run into is that OCAP, in its current incarnation, does not support RTP. VISION Workbench is written to simulate an Xlet running on a STB. It contains a version of an OCAP stack on it. As OCAP does not support RTP, neither does VISION Workbench.

As for the datagram issue, it could be related to security. The OCAP/MHP specs state that to get permission to access a socket, the Xlet must be a signed Xlet and have a permission request file requesting permission to access a certain host.

Joined: 2008-06-10

OK - I've made some headway.

Here's the current situation:

I'm transmitting RTP (audio+video) from point A to point B via JMF studio.
At point B, I can successfully play the stream using JMF studio.

At point B, via Vidiom, however, DatagramSocket.receive() hangs.

If I terminate the transmission at point A, I immediately begin to see InterruptedIOException exceptions, indicating that the transmission must be succeeding in some way.

Any idea why DatagramSocket.receive() could hang? I do have a soTimeout set (200ms), and a timeout exception is not being thrown. Thoughts?