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about search and join group problem

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Joined: 2008-03-26

Hi all,

Hope someone could give me explanation about this, I have create a new custom group then join it, the other side i create a peer to find that custom group and join it. It works well in my LAN. The custom Group ID i create "hardcoded" in my code using :

private static String MyGroupName = "Main FS Group";
private static PeerGroupID MyGroupID = IDFactory.newPeerGroupID(MyGroupName.getBytes());

so every peer started the custom group ID always same as before. That code inside all peer ,

Now for the case :

If there is another peer want to join custom group before that, search it first. For some reason (may be network traffic over loaded or something) the peer can not find that group, so it create a new custom group, using piece of code above after that join it.
What will happen then ?? two group created with same name and ID.
Is there two different group have same name and group ID ??
Or just one group, the latest peer will join it.
Or another answer


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Joined: 2008-05-22

Hi primus03:

In a word, if two peers use the same peergroup id to create a custom peergroup from
the same parent peergorup, there are only one custom peergroup be created and both
peers join in the same peergroup.