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Looking for WYSIWYG GUI editor for swing

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I am looking for a good WYSIWYG GUI editor for swing. I appreciate if you can point me to one that is stable and been used by many.
Mainly I need this for fast prototyping of some screens with edit boxes and buttons. I like to use lot of images in the background for rich look and feel.
I have eclipse installed on my pc. I am familiar with its tools. I don't mind using different IDE if that gets me do above things faster.

Please help me out!


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Joined: 2010-07-31

Have a look at JRichTextEditor

Joined: 2008-06-03

I downloaded and installed Netbeans 6.1 and giving Matisse a try.
It looks like I still have to write code if I want to set the background of my panel to an image. I am wondering whether there is any Swing GUI editor or a Swing componet that lets me select the image for background.
As I paint my screen, I see it generate code in the background for the controls I put on the form. I am wondering whether there is anything in swing eco system that lets me save my UI layout and controls to a text file and let me load different screens during run time by their file name (more like html pages).

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No one's going to love me for this, but my experience with Matisse was terrible. The worst part of the proposition was the code produced is inherently uneditable owing to its garrulousness. I still *believe* a good GUI editor can be written. If such an editor uses group layout, it better be pretty good so the developer never needs to go to the code. I still beleive a good editor can be written for the othe layouts. that's project number 342 that I might get around to.

My 2 cents: using grid bag and all the rest is NOT that hard- not at all. Just play with it, learn its limitations and don't be afraid to nest components and layout managers liberally- you can code any screen and achieve any effect using those layouts. Above all, treat learning it like a game, and play around with things.. poke and hypothesize and test and learn.

Sun generously has produced and hosts a very good tutorial on the layouts in the Swing Tutorial, by Kathy Walrath and team, available for free online. Just take your time and learn to use those and in no time you'll be producing screens like a pro.


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Is this a trick question? =)