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Backward Compatability on Java ME

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I know one of the founding principals of Java is built on top of supporting backward compatibility, but to streamline things on a resource limited environment (like ME) adds an incompatible constrain on this.

Is Java FX Mobile / Java FX Script and/or the LWUIT component something that would allow depreciate or replacement of any aspects of existing Java ME environment?

If so, what is the process by which things are depreciated, pruned, or removed in the Java ME realm?


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While backwards compatibility on resource-constrained platforms is certainly a concern my observation is that the platforms evolve fast enough to support older APIs and technologies. Specifically, I think the only really potential extraneous functionality currently would be some of the microedition.lcdui.* stuff which is being supplanted by the more capable UI frameworks in FX Script, LWUIT, and such. But microedition.lcdui.* is fairly lightweight compared to the ME stack as a whole so I am not too worried about it. As for the other ME APIs and JSRs I don't see a whole lot of outdated functionality right now.

Regarding pruning, that's really a task of the MSA EG ... they would drop a JSR from the spec if they deemed it no longer relevant or in need of replacement. But so far that hasn't happened, I think.

-- Terrence