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Is there any hope I would see a new Applet Splash Screen for 6n10?

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Joined: 2006-10-24

Hello, I like the new Applet plug-in, but one thing that keeps annoying me for since a while now is the Java logo with the orange background.

The logo alone looks ok, but when deploy it on the site, the orange background is too strong and doesn't match many sites theme, and that makes Java looks ugly. Yes, I heard from somewhere (not sure) that developer can provide his own splash screen, but almost 99% applets out there, I saw, never use this feature.

My suggestion is to change it to use a smaller Java logo with transparent background color and always place it somewhere in the corner of the applet box.

Another thing that keeps annoying me is the java icons in the system tray, they pop up every new Applet is launch. It's ok to have one for all, but not so ok if every Applet start a new one.

I hope you understand my English and I best good luck for JavaFX and Sun.



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Joined: 2004-03-16

I don't know about applets but have you tried the samples from the site below?

Good luck,
Jim Burke