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multiple levels of inclusion and revolver

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Joined: 2008-05-27

is there a limit to how many pages or documents can be nested in JMAKI code?

I've built a sample app with a top level jsp containing an acccordion menu and a dcontainer.

The dcontainer loads pages from actions in the menu fine. It also seems to load a page which is itself a tabbed menu page. When I select the page in the tab that is a revolver, the widget renders, but the screen is the wrong colour and the icons etc are not there or in the wrong place, but it revolves if you click on the images.
When the revolver is displayed by itself it renders correctly.
When the tabbed page is displayed alone the revolver also displays incorrectly.
It's as if the style sheet was ignored when it was level 2 or 3.

Is there an example somewhere of a mashup like this with multple levels of include? Or a better way of doing it?

What i have is

index.jsp (accordionmenu, dcontainer) shows
--feature.jsp (tabbedmenu, dcontainer) shows
----featshots.jsp screenshot page (revolver)

Any advice would be welcome.


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Joined: 2005-02-10

This works but only nests 2 levels and the number of levels should not matter.

<div id="main">
<div id="leftSidebar">
<a:widget name="jmaki.accordionMenu"
value="{menu : [
{label: 'Links',
menu: [
{ label : 'Features',
action:{topic:'/tabmenu/select', message: {targetId:'features'}}
{ label : 'Other',
action:{ topic:'/tabmenu/select', message: {targetId:'other'}}}
{label: 'Actions',
menu: [
{ label : 'Select',
action :{topic: '/foo/select',
message: { targetId : 'bar'}}
{ label :'Set Content',
action :{topic: '/foo/setContent',
message: { value : 'test.jsp'}}
}" />

</div> <!-- leftSidebar -->

<div id="content" style="height:400px">

<a:widget name="jmaki.tabMenu"
subscribe="/tabmenu" publish="/jmaki/main"
value="{menu : [
{label: 'features',
id: 'features',
action :{ topic:'/jmaki/main/select', message: { targetId : 'features' }
{label: 'Other',
action :{ topic:'/jmaki/main/select',message: { targetId : 'other' }
}" />

<a:widget name="jmaki.dcontainer"
items : [
{ id : 'features', include : 'feature-shots.jsp', iframe : true, overflowY: 'hidden', overflow : 'hidden'},
{ id : 'other', include : 'description.jsp', lazyLoad : true}
}" />

</div> <!-- content -->

</div> <!-- main -->