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jMaki Charting package questions

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Joined: 2003-12-15

Hello there,

I am interested in using jMaki for creating line charts using the jMaki Charting package . The type of charts I am seeking are primarily time series, line charts, and bar charts...


(1) Is it easy to integrate with Google's GWT package?

(2) Can I change custom tick labels (on the x axis) to any type of string that I want?

(3) Can I choose to display the number of tick labels and tick marks?

(4) Does jMaki have good cross browser platform capability?

(5) Is there a way to specify the maximum range for the axis to be time based (as in real-time "now")?

(6) What is the best tutorial for a developer to learn both jMaki and jMaki Charts?

(7) What is the best online community for support (in terms of mailing list or forum)?

Happy programming,


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Joined: 2005-02-10

I see that this question was answered on the user's mailing list. See for details.