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Is there any Text To Speech for Mobile Phone's Java Platform?

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Ok, i'm a newbie in this so my question might sound a bit silly or even unreasonable but as the Topic Title stated, i'm looking for source code of a Text To Speech program which is installable and executable on a Mobile Phone's Java platform... Since there are a lot of different standard of Java platform for different brand of mobile phones, so i'm prefering source code which is executable on Nokia or Sony-Ericsson phone...
IF this kind of source code is impossible or don't exist at the moment, pls do info me about it...
Any info related to this is a BIG WELCOME for all...

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JSR 113: Java Speech API 2.0 is as close as you can get, but it is not released yet

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There is no standard API on CLDC/MIDP to do text-to-speech. However, you should be able to use an pure Java text-to-speech library and then play the audio output via the MMAPI.

Hope this helps.

-- Terrence

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There is no standard API on CLDC/MIDP to do text-to-speech.

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