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disconnection and offline issue

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Joined: 2008-05-23

hello ev1 i m new in this world ny1 can tell me the solution of my problem:
presently i m using a rendezvous+relay as a server and edge peers for client.
but the problem is connection from edge to server does nt maintain.
it disconnect after some time and then again shows reconnected.
i m quite sure about config, i m using n/w manager fr starting jxta, 1 more thing is that i m using socket client and server fr transferring file ........

2nd problem is how can i implement the online/offline in my project , presence service is nt reliable 1 , i think so m i ri8 r wrong plz tell me...............

if ny body can priovde me the code then , i m so thankful

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Joined: 2007-01-31

a) Connections time out if they are not maintained.
b) There is a thread explaining how to use the isConnected(...) method to ping a peer. If you do a search, I believe you should find it.