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deployJava.js auto-install in IE redirects to wrong URL

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Joined: 2006-02-15

I wanted to check the java detection of the new deployJava.js
I have uninstalled all the JREs, and then tried using the deployJava.js to run the applet using deployJava.runApplet()
In firefox it seems to be working fine. The downloading of java started immediately.
Then i tried in IE7, and from the status bar I could see it was redirecting to some Sun url. The browser ended in some page which contained the following text
"General Questions

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What happened to the games and applications on underwent a redesign at the beginning of May to improve your Java download experience by making the download easier to access and navigate through. On, you will also find new Java in Action stories that highlight various places where Java is involved in your life "

(I couldn't see the url it retrieved from within IE since it's a frameset)

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Joined: 2006-02-15

I think I have a clue where the bug is
I've noticed that when using the getJavaURL which points to '', and append &returnPage=,
someURL must NOT contain "games" in it because otherwise you would get redirected to