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Error on compiling MIDP

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Hinkmond Wong wrote:
> I follow the build instruction for win32 apps on PhoneMe site. I also make modification to configuration files like written at this address [i][/i]
> I try to build under a Windows XP system, my locale are set to French(FR).
> For the last compilation part, I go on the : [i]%MEHOME%/midp/build/javacall [/i]directory and run the make command :
> I follow the instruction on : [i][/i] address
> I chekout only the latest MIDP module on svn, and will try to compile by including it on my b26 version of phoneMe.
> Thank you.
> Renaud.

Hi Renaud,

I see part of the problem: You are posting on the phoneME Advanced forum
mailing list, but your question is about building phoneME Feature.

I'm cross-posting your message to the
mailing list so that someone there on the phoneME Feature project can
give you an answer.

Please let us know if you don't receive a reply.



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